Director of Club Affairs

ALB candidate at HES, currently serving as Director of Club Affairs and former Director of Events,Chair of Internal Operations, Harvard Graduate Council, HESA’s Board 2015-2016, 2016-2017. I resigned six months into my second term, leaving in place a well-organized, budgeted, roster of activities for the incoming director. Along with Tricia Byrnes, former HESA President, I successfully returned the annual Masquerade Ball to HES in 2015 and ended the year with an overwhelming success and positive cash flow. Working closely with Tricia Byrnes we, together pulled off and initiated Graduate Photo Shoots at Widener Library, The Johnstone Gate and John Harvard Statue. I’ve spent the last three years volunteering for HES Commencement and lent a hand to the HES Alumni for many of their signature events, including its Annual Banquet in May of 2016.

During my tenure with HES, I reached out to students and faculty to ensure opportunities for better bonding initiatives, between students and faculty. I created the first meet, greet and mingle open seating Dinner with the Professors at Loeb House in 2015 and 2016, and proposed and prepared the budget for the first Brunch with Professors at the Faculty Club. Many professors as well as former HES Dean Shinagel, informed me of the great success and comfort they felt attending this type of event. I’ve also started an initiative to have the gate that graces 51 Brattle Street, named The Shinagel Gate, in honor of the former and longest running Harvard Dean.

Having spent most of my life in hospitality and project management, I spent time working many venues between New York and South Beach. Project management became a passion after a stint with a number of high end developments in Nassau, Bahamas. An avid traveler, with a desire to finish my education brought me to Harvard. Possessing a lust for life, I hope to share my experiences and spread joy to each and every person I meet. I enjoy networking and hope this quality will allow me to achieve harmony thru perseverance and dogged determination to all I do.

I intend to fully invest myself as the Director of Club Affairs. I see a need for Clubs to be fully briefed and walk through certain challenges as they strive to organize and manipulate the various mazes here at Harvard Extension.