Michael Rosero is a ALM master’s degree candidate with a concentration in religion, and is honored to serve as HESA’s treasurer and as a member of the Executive Board. Prior to his graduate studies, he earned a B.A. degree from Syracuse University with a major in religion. Based in New Jersey, Michael works as a vice-president of investments for a major investment bank and has worked on Wall Street for close to two decades. Prior to his current role, Michael owned a successful investment firm before being recruited by the major firm he works for now that absorbed his business. Michael’s passion however is theological studies and is currently studying world religions here at Harvard with the long term goal of pursuing doctoral studies in theology. Michael considers himself a HESA “loyalist” because of his strong desire to make every extension student feel that they belong. His motivation comes from a past experience where he planned to watch a Harvard-Yale game by himself at a bar in Cambridge, but a chance encounter with then Director of Events exposed him to HESA. Within 24 hours Michael not only attended a Dinner with the Professors at the Harvard Faculty Club, he was on a bus to Connecticut with a community of other Extension students on their way to watch the Harvard-Yale game live! Michael is looking forward to keeping HESA’s fiscal goals on track and working with the Board to allocate funds for projects that benefit students academically, socially and professionally while forming partnerships with the wider Harvard community.

Contact: treasurer@hesa.dce.harvard.edu