Lucas Veitch was elected to the Board of Directors at HESA as the Director of Technology and is responsible for overseeing the many online domains and internal communications at the organization. At Harvard, he is an ALM Finance degree candidate, a Faculty Aide, a Finance student mentor, and the founder of the Professional Crimson investing team. He received a BS Economics degree from the University of Minnesota, but has been involved in a variety of different endeavors. His technical background has included designing rockets with thermoelectric generators for NASA and Northrup Grumman, performing statistical analysis on Alaskan shrub growth and climate variation, developing an economic productivity model for a hospice care facility, working on a National Cyber-security legislative team for a US Senator at the Capitol, and providing equity research for a small quantitative hedge fund.

Lucas hopes to use his background to provide the necessary platforms for the Board to communicate the proper information to the student body as well as other organizations. He is looking forward to serving the student body this year.

Lucas grew up in the Chicago-area. He enjoys most varieties of competitive games including sports, video games, card games, board games, and anything else in between. Hence, the draw of studying Game Theory as an undergraduate.