President Boyd’s experience is in Media and Politics. In media, he worked on a SyFy film in Los Angles, and for a television show for the Food Network and for a show in West Africa. He works in politics began with the Massachusetts Statehouse in 2013 (the year of the Boston bombing). In 2016, he worked for a congressman in New York and was later placed in charge as a Head Coordinator for Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the NY Primary. As Head Coordinator, he managed communications as the primary liaison for the entire district, volunteers, and church visits for Secretary Clinton. In the end, his district ended up with the highest percentage of voters for Hillary Clinton—in the entire state of NY. After the experience, the congressman selected and sponsored him for a political leadership training retreat that taught leadership on candidates, issue campaigns, public & private sector policy.

In the upcoming year, President Boyd hopes to accomplish two things: 1. Create better story-telling of the Extension School and its student that attracts new passionate fans. 2. Enhance the connectivity among Extension School students, where they feel like they are a part of a connected family no matter where they are in the world. He believes by accomplishing these two goals it will give the Extension School a better presence in the mind of those who come into contact with it while making students feel a part of a tightly knit family.

Degree Candidate: ALM Management with a Certificate in Real Estate