Jasmin Frankel is an ALM candidate earning her degree in International Relations. Her passion for International Relations began at a young age because of her upbringing in Queens, New York, one of the most highly-populated and richly-diverse boroughs in the NYC, where she currently lives. (Although she still lives in New York, don’t be surprised to find her on campus, as she really enjoys the Cambridge scene and, of course, attending class, so much so she may become a local.) Her first trip outside of the United States was halfway across the globe as an undergrad spending a semester studying abroad in Australia. Since then she has been fortunate to travel to Israel, United Kingdom, France, Italy, New Zealand, and Bangladesh enriching her global understanding by immersing herself in various cultures. This is one of the reasons she loves the extension school, because of its diversity and potential it brings to meet all of life from anywhere in the world. Jasmin is particularly interested in education and figuring out ways to remove barriers which prevent people from having the opportunity to learn. She just began working with Our Golden Hour, a non-profit which makes learning culturally relevant material possible for children in the Indigenous communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts, in Bangladesh. Jasmin earned her BA at SUNY Stony Brook in journalism and political science. She has worked for newspapers, a travel magazine, and also anchored a foreign news show. She has also interned at New York State Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. She enjoys learning, exploring, problem solving, traveling, and mostly interacting with anyone who wants to share a story. As vice president, her desire is to learn about her fellow students at the extension school and figure out ways to make the extension school grow as a vibrant community. She can be reached at: