Andre Bisasor, President

Andre Bisasor is a candidate in the Graduate CM Program and the former Vice President of HESA (2007-2008). He is also the Founding President of the Harvard Extension Service & Leadership Society, which hosts the much-noted Negotiation & Leadership Conference, the only Harvard-wide student group conference on the topic. Professionally, Andre has been involved in the venture capital field, where he structured seed-stage capital for multimillion dollar projects ranging from real estate to technology startups, also serving as a board director and developing successful business plans. He also has experience in the management consulting field, where he helped SME firms to realign corporate missions and to develop strategy/vision for successful turnarounds. Andre has BA, cum laude, in Theology from ORU. He also holds an MBA (with concentration in Marketing Management) and a Master of Science in Finance (MSF) from Florida International University.

Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja, Vice President

Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja is a candidate in the Master of Liberal Arts in Management program at Harvard University Extension School. Ram Dhan has a deep interest in High-Technology, Entrepreneurship and Public Sector. Ram Dhan is also the Vice-President of Harvard Extension students association. Ram Dhan plans to pursue entrepreneurship and active politics upon graduation. He is fluent in English, Telugu and Hindi. In his spare time Ram Dhan is an amateur skater and enjoys rowing on Charles River.

Kristin Sarkisian, Secretary

Kristin Sarkisian is a Master of Liberal Arts in Management candidate with a focus on Marketing Management and former Vice President of HESA (2006-2007). She is a graduate of Wheaton College, Norton, MA. She also has over ten years of experience working in higher education. In her spare time she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, making jewelry and traveling.

Jonathan Britton, Director of Finance

Jonathan Britton is a master of liberal arts in business management degree candidate with a concentration in finance. He is currently employed by JPMorgan Chase in Boston’s financial district. Mr. Britton is currently the finance director in Harvard Extension Student Association as well as an At-Large Liaison. Due to extensive travel internationally, Jonathan’s perception has drawn him to the prospect of exploring emerging markets. Moving forward, he plans to continue growing his knowledge of emerging markets through the resources at both JPMorgan and Harvard. Overall, Jonathan’s interests lie in private equity, consulting, and company valuations. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys playing soccer, tennis and golf, traveling, and reading.

Guy De La Cruz, Director of Technology

Guy De La Cruz brings over 10 years of technology experience to HESA, having worked for such companies as AXA Financial, IBM, and Lenovo. Guy is wrapping up his Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Economics and plans to pursue an MBA in finance immediately following his graduation from Harvard. Along with the other members of the technology team, Guy has spearheaded several new technology initiatives this year, the most notable of which has been the completely redesigned website. He has also been involved, from a technology standpoint, in organizing the Emerging Leaders | Young Millionaires panel and the upcoming Negotiation and Leadership Conference.

Mei Jie (MJ) Li, Director of Marketing

Mei Jie Li is a Master candidate of Liberal Arts in Management program. She has 7 years of strategy development experiences in management Consulting, Government and Retail industries, specially known for passionate attitude and innovative mentality. On top of that, she is also a global professional event planner, organized over 100 mid-large corporate events, trade shows, seminars and more in many countries; responsibilities cover all phases of the event cycle: program design, marketing campaign, customer relationship management etc. In her spare time, she loves to organize parties, make friends and try new adventure with the ultimate goal of living a life of no regrets.

Michelle Campbell, Deputy Director of Communications

Michelle Campbell was born and raised in Tampa, FL, Michelle attended Florida State University where she earned a B.A. in English Literature in 2008. Upon her graduation she moved to Cambridge, MA to enroll in the Certificate in Publishing and Communications program at Harvard Extension School. Now in her final semester of her program, she is the marketing intern at Candlewick Press in Somerville, MA. Michelle wishes to pursue a career in children’s and young adult publishing after completing the program. This is her first year participating with HESA and she looks forward to being an active member of the Harvard Extension Alumni Association very soon!

Mukesh Kumar, Deputy Director of Marketing

Mukesh Kumar has 15 years of experience encompassing the areas of technology, management, marketing, consulting, and social enterprise in corporate, startups, entrepreneurial, and non-profit environments. Mukesh has served as a manager and an architect in many large enterprises including IBM, Bank of America, Samsung, Gillette, Cingular Wireless, SwissRe Insurance and Starwood Hotels.

He is actively involved in the strategies of motivating and adapting social change with many non-profits to improve knowledge-base and self-reliance using education technologies. He works as a mentor to under-resourced, low-income non-profits via CodeKindness Project, an educational non-profit initiative. At CodeKindness he strategizes providing self-sustaining and value driven technology services to high-need non-profit communities.

As a marketing specialist of Harvard Extension Services and Leadership Society (HESLS), helped creating brand for learning leadership and negotiation skills at The Negotiation Conference during 2008 and 2009. Working with Harvard Extension Student Association, Harvard International Club and all other Harvard Extension Student organizations he’s continuously aligning Harvard Extension Student Club offerings with diverse market segments.

Mukesh will continue to use his focused approach for improving HESA Brand collaborating with all Harvard Extension Student clubs for improving awareness, involvement and delivering valuable events to build cross-functional and multi-dimensional student organization and synergies across Harvard and other institutions and organizations.

Philip Harding, Deputy Director of Technology

Philip Harding brings his extensive technology experience to HESA. He is the Founder and President of Redfine Design, an international design and identity firm, as well as the National Director of Business Development and Technology at Digital Media Academy, a premier professional computer training organization. Additionally Philip is a Youth Pastor at The Powerhouse Church in California. Philip has been extensively involved this year with not only the HESA website, but also with the Great Debate and the Negotiation and Leadership Conference. In Philip’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, drinking lots of coffee and riding motocross.

Keith Heiburg, Technology

Keith Heiberg grew up in Minnesota, where he earned a BA in English from St. Olaf College. He has worked as a Freelance Journalist, typesetter, proofreader, Senior Web Developer, etc. Over the years Keith has published poems and articles internationally, won awards, and volunteered for a number of publications. At Harvard he has studied writing, editing, web development, and Japanese, serves on the HESA board and the HGC, volunteers for the Dudley Review, participates in the Dudley Writer’s Workshop, and will graduate with a CPC (Certificate in Publishing and Communication) in May 2010.