Philip Harding / President
Aaron Williams / Vice-President / Email Aaron has worked in various capacities for a non-profit sports and entertainment organization just across the river from Harvard University. He served as the organization’s liaison with the City of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department for its inaugural season and, presently, is the organization’s Events Manager, responsible for organizing and executing competitions, exhibitions, fundraisers, and social functions. Aaron took courses at HES casually as a respite from the doldrums of belonging to the workforce. Realizing that a world-class education within walking distance of his theatre of operations was too great an opportunity for half-measures, Aaron applied to the degree program in 2009. After completing his ALB, Aaron plans to attend law school and earn a JD. He speaks Spanish and Czech and he enjoys cooking, running, travelling and mixology.
La Keisha Nicole Landrum – Chief of Staff Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALM, Journalism Previous Degrees: Loyola Marymount University, B.A. Origin: California, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: dancing, laughing, reading, jogging and hiking. Professional Experience: La Keisha Nicole brings passion, excitement, and drive for all things HESA. Coming from the world of real estate development and entrepreneurship, La Keisha has a experience with working with teams, managing large projects and wearing many hats. Before moving to Cambridge, she was the Executive Director of the Entrepreneur Mentor Society, where she enlisted some of southern California’s most successful entrepreneurs to speak and mentor undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA, LMU, Cal-Tech and USC. Since moving to Cambridge, La Keisha Nicole worked for the The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Mayor of Cambridge, and NPR’s Boston Satellite WGBH. She currently works at Harvard University. La Keisha Nicole was the HESA Deputy Secretary during the 2009-2010 academic year, where she played an instrumental role in producing HESA events. In 2010, HESA President Philip Harding invited La Keisha to serve with on his administration. How could she say no?. Why Harvard Extension School: After La Keisha Nicole participated in a summer program at Harvard in 2008, she knew her life path would have a Harvard Extension imprint on it. Post-Harvard Extension: After After La Keisha graduates, she plans to pursue a career as a newscaster for a large, influential television network.
Krishan Arora – Head Representative and Event Coordinator Krishan Arora is currently an ALB degree candidate concentrating in Economics. He has actively worked with HESA in 2011-2012 collaborating on projects such as the Harvard Leadership Conference, the HES 375th parade, the Harvard Masquerade Ball, TEDxCambridge and TEDxSomerville events. He is actively involved in the local TEDx community, is interested in the fields of astrophysics and has a passion for travelling.
Kamal Hans – Chief Strategy Officer Kamal is a passionate and enthusiastic individual with a track record of achieving challenging personal goals and working in dynamic customer oriented teams. He is self-motivated with excellent interpersonal and business development skills. He is analytically minded with an educational background in Telecommunication engineering. He believes in intellectual honesty and commercial effectiveness with customers as a focal point. Kamal watches movies in his free time and likes to explore different kinds of food.
Poonam Rani – Strategic Initiatives Coordinator Poonam is a student in the Masters of liberal Arts in Management program at Harvard University. Poonam currently works at BIDMC and manages a research laboratory. She enjoys developing new innovation/ideas, and is currently working with a team spearheading research in developing new therapies for autoimmune diseases. As an undergraduate student, she worked as a president of residential college, secretary of cultural forum and mountaineering club, and active member of various other student organizations. In her spare time, Poonam enjoys travelling, dancing and spending time with family and friends.
Abhishek Gupta (Abbey) – Special Initiatives Coordinator Abhishek did not provide any further information.
Parul Kapoor – Chief Human Resources Officer After obtaining degrees in Hospitality Management and MBA (Human Resources), she went on to work with some of the best names in the Hospitality Industry in India. After her stint with Grand Hyat and Raddison, both five star Hotels in Delhi, she went on to head the Pan India position of Human Resources with ‘All Sports Bar’, a reputed chain of sport bars spread across India. Parul currently is pursuing her Masters in Liberal Arts in General Management from Harvard University Extension School. She enjoys networking with people and connecting them, reading books, movies and weekend get-aways/ travelling.
Kelly Morrow – Special Assistant to the President Kelly did not provide any further information.
Bhakti Pitre – Clubs Representative Bhakti did not provide any further information.
Monika Lutz – Distance Student Ambassador Taking classes from exotic anywhere (besides Cambridge, MA)? Monika is here to represent you. A distance student herself, Monika has logged in for lectures while living and working in Shanghai, London, Washington, D.C., Singapore, and many more. From government-controlled internet shut-downs to fifteen hour time differences to managing a demanding work life and school, Monika understands the logistical hoops that being a distance student can often entail. She is here to serve you!
Oddessa Williamson – Treasurer Oddessa is a loving wife and mother of three beautiful children. She is a graduate of Fisk University, and Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Her work experience includes years with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in which she dedicated helping the underserved at various Community Health Centers around Boston. In her spare time she teaches medical sciences as an adjunct professor, and guest lecturer. Odessa enjoys entertaining, swimming, walking, farming, and dancing. Currently, Oddessa is focused and working on completing her management degree at the Extension School, and is having a great time doing so!
Andrew A. Ingemi – Director of Club Affairs Andrew possesses over 6 years of financial industry experience with two fortune 500 companies. At New York Life Andrew was a successful Financial Services Professional, where he performed the role of financial Advisor and at State Street Bank Andrew was involved in the Wealth Management Division, where he again, had clients consisting of high net worth individuals and businesses. In this position Andrew gained insight and experience managing hundreds of accounts on a daily basis, creating financial reports and advising clients on the many investments options available to them taking into account their current budgetary condition, while managing their trade settlements and cash transfers. Andrew graduated with a BA in Economics from Stonehill College and is currently working towards a degree in Finance (ALM Finance) at HES. He chose HES because of the flexibility of the evening classes coupled with the stellar education only Harvard can provide. After Andrew graduates from Harvard Extension School, he plans on obtaining his CFA designation. He enjoys skiing, playing golf, tennis & sailing. He also speaks Spanish.
Sol Grey – Director of Student Affairs Sol has spent a decade honing business analyst skills under the Director of Security Operations at a Fortune 100 company. She also tutors English as a Second Language, and occasionally makes and sells artwork, including paintings, jewelry, and historically accurate period costumes. Her writing has been featured on various blogs and websites, and she’s accumulated a large and enthusiastic collection of rejection letters from Sci-Fi magazines. Sol’s currently working on an undergraduate degree in clinical psychology, and in her spare time enjoys krav maga and contra dancing. “You will make all kinds of mistakes; but as long as you are generous and true, and also fierce, you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her.” – Winston Churchill
Harry Kortikere – Director of Student Outreach & Marketing Harry did not provide any further information.
Natasha Chichi – Director of Communications Natasha is a Project & Finance Administrator at BCM as well as a founding partner at Jeopardy & Young. She also is a Teaching Fellow at HES for Economics of Business. Prior to joining BCM, Natasha worked as a Brand Manager for Agape Industries in Western Africa and also consulted at AIG. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University, NJ. In her spare time Natasha researches economic methods to alleviate poverty; she also volunteers to raise money for clean water wells through She is an avid HGTV fan, likes to hang out with friends, enjoys non-polarizing novels and can spot a Gap sale a mile away. First say to yourself what you would be and then do what you have to do – Epictetus
Suresh Akana – Director of Technology & Media Suresh is presently working as a Software Consultant in MA. Working with Microsoft technologies over the past decade in various roles with product development and enterprise Websites. Involved in complete life cycle of product development for Organ Transplant centers and successfully implemented at prominent Hospitals. He has a BA degree in Engineering (Electronics & communications) from India and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in ALM, Information Technology (Information management systems). He enjoys tennis, outdoor activities, swimming, watching movies, traveling and reading. He is fluent in English, Telugu and Hindi.
Stephen Schultz – Liaison, ALB Stephen did not provide any further information.
Sarah Rodman – Liaison, ALM I am a second year ALM Masters Degree Candidate concentrating in Museum Studies. I was born in New York City and have lived all around the country. I studied at Harvard Extension School in 1970 and have been active in the Harvard Club of Washington and the Harvard Club at the National Press Club where I was an Officer and Member of the Board of Directors. I graduated from Bennington College in Vermont with a theater major. I am the mother of two college grads who are now living on their own. I have been worked in the Arts and Entertainment Business in London, Paris, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles on a variety of productions and projects.