Philip Harding / President

Mukesh Kumar / Vice-President

La Keisha Nicole Landrum – Chief of Staff

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALM, Journalism Previous Degrees: Loyola Marymount University, B.A. Origin: California, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: dancing, laughing, reading, jogging and hiking. Professional Experience: La Keisha Nicole brings passion, excitement, and drive for all things HESA. Coming from the world of real estate development and entrepreneurship, La Keisha has a experience with working with teams, managing large projects and wearing many hats. Before moving to Cambridge, she was the Executive Director of the Entrepreneur Mentor Society, where she enlisted some of southern California’s most successful entrepreneurs to speak and mentor undergraduate and graduate students at UCLA, LMU, Cal-Tech and USC. Since moving to Cambridge, La Keisha Nicole worked for the The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Mayor of Cambridge, and NPR’s Boston Satellite WGBH. She currently works at Harvard University. La Keisha Nicole was the HESA Deputy Secretary during the 2009-2010 academic year, where she played an instrumental role in producing HESA events. In 2010, HESA President Philip Harding invited La Keisha to serve with on his administration. How could she say no? Why Harvard Extension School: After La Keisha Nicole participated in a summer program at Harvard in 2008, she knew her life path would have a Harvard Extension imprint on it. Post-Harvard Extension: After La Keisha graduates, she plans to pursue a career as a newscaster for a large, influential television network.

Phillip Steinke – Secretary / Deputy Chief of Staff

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALB, Economics Origin: Germany Languages: Spanish Hobbies: soccer; golf; tennis; traveling, and learning Latin-based languages. Professional Experience: Philipp is President and Founder of Boston Assets and Currency Corporation (BACC). A Boston-based realestate investment, consulting, and management company, BACC aims to provide innovative concepts to initiate value-oriented optimization of real estate portfolios. Philipp is very passionate about BACC’s growth and development; he aspires to take BACC public within the next three years. Why Harvard Extension School: “I wanted to identify a university providing a world-class education with a flexible schedule for working students like myself. I found that there was no better place than Harvard Extension School. I continue to be amazed by the people I meet here—all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. We have all come together for a single common goal: to become a better people in the world through the means of education.” Post-Harvard Extension: After Philip graduates from Harvard Extension School, he plans to pursue a MBA.

Jonathan Britton – Director and Treasurer

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALM, Journalism Previous Degrees: James Madison University, Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance Origin: Georgia, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: soccer; golf; tennis; traveling, and learning Latin-based languages Professional Experience: Possessing a strong professional background in the finance industry, Jonathan is currently a senior hedge fund associate with the Hedge Fund Services group at J.P. Morgan Chase in Boston. Jonathan is responsible for clients’ fund valuation, analytics, and reporting utilized by the fund CFO and Principal for future strategic investments. Why Harvard Extension School: The flexible schedule combined with easy access to myriad resources at one of the world’s premier universities has provided me an unparalleled educational experience. Post-Harvard Extension: After Jonathan graduates from Harvard Extension School, he plans to continue his education.

Jennifer Doody – Director of Student Affairs & Clubs

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALM, English Origin: Pennsylvania, USA Languages: German Hobbies: singing; acting; directing; improv comedy; currently an active member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus. Professional Experience: Jennifer has more than 15 years of experience as a news writer, publications coordinator and academic editor on college campuses in Florida, New York City, and Boston. She is currently a writer for Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Office of Publications and Alumni Affairs. Why Harvard Extension School: “While working as a freelance writer in New York City, I quickly realized that corporate writing wasn’t for me – I wanted to return to work at a college campus, where I had started my writing career, and continue my studies in literature and drama. After researching various schools, including Yale, I found Harvard Extension School to be the most prestigious, affordable and student-oriented institution on my list. Once I came to Cambridge and toured the school, I was sold! I returned to New York City, packed up my things, and moved to Boston without having any contacts, a job or any prospects. However, I was that certain that moving to Boston and pursuing my education at Harvard Extension School was the right thing to do. Six months later, I was gainfully employed at the Harvard Kennedy School and pursuing my degree after work hours. It’s an experience that I plan to continue through my first ALM in English, then with a second ALM in Dramatic Arts, and possibly a third ALM in Creative Writing!” Post-Harvard Extension: After Jennifer graduates from Harvard Extension School, she plans to teach Shakespeare studies in the United States or abroad.

Eleanore Knox – Deputy Director of Student Affairs & Clubs

Harvard Extension Degree Program: Health Careers Previous Degrees: B.A., University of Texas Origin: Louisiana, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: indoor rock climbing; arts and crafts; reading philosophy Professional Experience: Eleanore has a varied professional background, including producing news stories for Red River Public Radio, evaluating software for the Texas Office of the Attorney General, volunteering at medical clinics in Nicaragua and Ecuador, and managing the riflery range at Camp Fern in Marshall, Texas. As an undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin, she also worked at Jamba Juice, volunteered for the Children’s Hospital of Austin, and collaborated on research with the Children’s Development Lab. Why Harvard Extension School: “I believe that Harvard Extension School provides students an unparalleled opportunity: to receive a world-class education without paying an out-of-this-world price. Extension program and course offerings are incredibly flexible, such that its students are able to pursue their lives outside the classroom, whether that includes working full-time, traveling, or taking care of their families.” Post-Harvard Extension: After Jonathan graduates from Harvard Extension School, he plans to continue his education.

Alessandra Christensen – Deputy Director of Student Outreach & Marketing

About: Alessandra didn’t share any information.

Damini Chopra – Deputy Director of Student Outreach & Marketing

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALB, Literature Origin: India Languages: Hindi Hobbies: reading; dancing; watching movies Professional Experience: Damini has worked as a brand and marketing manager for the Canadian high-end fashion design label, Joseph Ribkoff. Her responsibilities included devising market entry strategies into India, one of the world’s leading emerging markets. Why Harvard Extension School: “I wanted high-quality education, while having the flexibility to explore career options. Harvard Extension School provided just that. The distance education option allowed me to learn from esteemed Harvard professors; at Harvard Extension School, I have access to top-quality education from across the globe.” Post-Harvard Extension: After Damini graduates from Harvard Extension School, she plans to continue her career in the marketing and branding industry.

Tracie Jones – Director of of Events

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALB, Social Sciences Origin: South Carolina, USA Hobbies: SCUBA diving; sailing Professional Experience: Tracie was the Vessel Operations Coordinator for the Amistad—a historic sailing vessel—during its Atlantic Freedom Tour. In her role, Tracie was responsible for a number of important boat logistics and dockside events at various ports of call in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa. Tracie has also worked in the international airfreight and financial industries. Why Harvard Extension School: “When the Amistad ran out of funding my Captain encouraged me to complete my degree (my Captain is a researcher at Harvard/Smithsonian and also taught at the Extension School). During this time, my cousin was moving to Cambridge to co-direct the Urban Superintendants Program at the Education School. With this, I knew that I would have a strong support system to complete my degree. Therefore, I moved to Cambridge. I’ll be graduating in May 2011.” Post-Harvard Extension: After Tracie graduates from Harvard Extension School, she plans to attend graduate school in New York City.

Parul Kapoor – Deputy Director of Events

About: Parul didn’t share any information.

Siobhan O’Shaughnessy – Director of Communication

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALB, International Relations Origin: Virginia, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: history buff; news junkie; studying Ancient Egyptian history; watching Mad Men and great movies Professional Experience: Siobhán began her career in the banking industry, assisting with communications and marketing initiatives in the retail division as well as mergers and acquisitions. She eventually moved on, working in the external affairs division at The Florida Aquarium, one of the top 10 aquariums in North America. Siobhán progressed into her next position as communications manager for WEDU, the PBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida. Siobhán managed a number of the station’s initiatives, including the nationally recognized Be More Awards and Sojourn. Serving one of the largest television markets in the country, Siobhán helped launch the communications division at WEDU. She was part of the two-person team that secured more than a half-dozen major statewide and national public relations and communications awards, unprecedented in the station’s 50-year history. Siobhán moved to Boston in 2008 and joined The Fletcher School at Tufts University. As program coordinator for the International Business Center, Siobhán administered a number of local, national, and international initiatives for the newly launched Master of International Business degree program and the Center for Emerging Markets Enterprises. While she sincerely enjoyed her work at Fletcher, Siobhán resigned in June 2010 to focus on wrapping up her final year at Harvard. Why Harvard Extension School: “I heard about Harvard Extension several years ago. It seemed too good to be true—but it was true. I decided to take advantage of the amazing opportunity. I quit my incredible job and drove from Florida to Boston. Nearly three years later, I’m in the final stages of my degree.” Post-Harvard Extension: Siobhán plans to attend graduate school in Boston.

Guy De La Cruz – Director of Technology & Media

Harvard Extension Degree Program: ALB, Economics Origin: New York, USA Languages: Spanish Hobbies: cooking; traveling; creating and admiring art; movies, and music Professional Experience: Guy brings more than 10 years of technology experience, working for companies like AXA Financial, IBM, and Lenovo. Currently, Guy works for Lenovo (which acquired the IBM PC division) as an Account Executive, covering the Large Enterprise space in the New York metro area. Prior to his career with IBM/Lenovo, Guy was a Regional Director of Technology for the South Eastern U.S. for AXA Financial. Why Harvard Extension School: “I wanted the absolute highest quality education that I could find that would allow me to continue in my career and be affordable. I also wanted to be well positioned for admittance into graduate school. Harvard Extension, far and away, met all of my requirements.” Post-Harvard Extension: After Guy graduates from Harvard Extension School, he plans to continue his career at Lenovo and hopes to pursue a MBA at Duke University.