President – Jasmin Frankel

Jasmin Frankel is an ALM candidate earning her degree in International Relations. Her passion for International Relations began at a young age because of her upbringing in Queens, New York, one of the most highly-populated and richly-diverse boroughs in the NYC, where she currently lives. (Although she still lives in New York, don’t be surprised to find her on campus, as she really enjoys the Cambridge scene and, of course, attending class, so much so she may become a local.) Her first trip outside of the United States was halfway across the globe as an undergrad spending a semester studying abroad in Australia. Since then she has been fortunate to travel to Israel, United Kingdom, France, Italy, New Zealand, and Bangladesh enriching her global understanding by immersing herself in various cultures. This is one of the reasons she loves the extension school, because of its diversity and potential it brings to meet all of life from anywhere in the world. Jasmin is particularly interested in education and figuring out ways to remove barriers which prevent people from having the opportunity to learn. She just began working with Our Golden Hour, a non-profit which makes learning culturally relevant material possible for children in the Indigenous communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts, in Bangladesh. Jasmin earned her BA at SUNY Stony Brook in journalism and political science. She has worked for newspapers, a travel magazine, and also anchored a foreign news show. She has also interned at New York State Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. She enjoys learning, exploring, problem solving, traveling, and mostly interacting with anyone who wants to share a story. As vice president, her desire is to learn about her fellow students at the extension school and figure out ways to make the extension school grow as a vibrant community.


Photo of Carmen Hines

Vice President – Carmen Hines

Carmen Hines currently serves as HESA’s Vice President and as a member of the Executive Board. Carmen is a Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) degree candidate, pursuing a degree in Management with a concentration in Organizational Behavior.

Carmen is a Talent Manager from Chicago, Illinois. She supports clients with the strategies that empower them to take control of their lives while helping them find the harmony between the professional and personal dimension. By pairing strategic analysis with deep exploration of clients’ goals, she helps clients develop the clarity and resilience needed to execute change and engineer a more fulfilling life.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University, and is a motivational speaker for Harold Washington Community College, a commercial actress, and the First Lady of the SAG-AFTRA Chicago Local. Carmen is an avid world traveler, cook, reader, cineast, and philanthropist.


Director of Student Affairs – Christopher Nagle

Christopher Nagle is an ALM Candidate in the Sustainability & Environmental Management graduate program at the Harvard University Extension School.  Originally from Atlanta, Christopher completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania (‘14) where he majored in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the College of Arts & Sciences.  In general, Christopher intends to pursue future professional involvement in the biological and environmental sciences, with an expressed focal interest in global biodiversity conservation initiatives requiring an interdisciplinary research and management skillset.

Academic research in close association with higher learning institutions and their administration both in the US and internationally defines much of Christopher’s pertinent professional experience to-date. He has conducted undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research ventures in affiliation with partners including the American Museum of Natural History, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology & Genetics, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with topics ranging from organismal systems behavior, developmental embryology, human population genomics, and marine environmental toxicology respectively.  In 2016 he held a work-study position at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics working as a Project Assistant for the DASCH initiative.  Most recently, Christopher spent the Spring 2017 semester abroad in Germany pursuing a graduate internship with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat, Science & Review Subprogramme.  Christopher presently resides locally in Cambridge where he is in the process of completing his research thesis as the culmination of his academic program, slated to graduate in March 2018.

Regarding other extracurricular and leadership ventures undertaken at Harvard, for the 2016-’17 academic year Christopher held positions as both HESA Director of Student Affairs and the HES Voting Representative for the Harvard Graduate Council, serving as a member of the Constitutional Committee on the latter as well.  Christopher has been a Special Student at both the Harvard Divinity School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Most recently he has been reelected as HESA Director of Student Affairs for the 2017-’18 academic year.

In conclusion, Christopher is supremely excited to be serving again as a representative of the Harvard Extension School as a HESA director, where he looks forward to enacting positive change for the HES student body and engaging proactively with the wider Harvard community.


Director of Technology – Eduardo Hernandez Herrara

Eduardo Hernandez Herrera is studying his second master’s degree, concentrating in Information Technology and Digital Media Design at Harvard. Eduardo is also working on his thesis to complete his law degree at Universidad Rafael Landivar. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Portland State University, a Master’s Degree in Education and Information Technology from Western Oregon University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Web Technologies from Harvard University Extension School.

Eduardo works as a Research Faculty Aid focusing in Instructional Design for the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. He is also a Communication Specialist for Web Development & Social Media for North Clackamas School District, helping to implement the migration process of over 40 websites into Drupal. In additoon of being the Chief of Technology of HEEREA, he is also a Director of the Sponsorship Committee at the Harvard Extension Business Society.

Eduardo has created, launched, and managed over 20 websites for small businesses, with strong emphasis on user-centered design, usability standards, human factors testing, UI and advertising revenue. He developed brand strategies and statistics systems using JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal in a backend environment.

Eduardo was a founder of the first project of its kind, Ingles Para Escuelas de Escasos Recursos,  that taught English in seven public elementary schools in the highlands of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The project was approved by the Ministry of Education, reaching over 2000 children, obtaining grants. He recruited 5 teachers and over 22 volunteers from 8 different countries.

His hobbies include traveling, foreign languages, running and playing guitar.


Treasurer – Nicole Urbanowicz

Nicole Urbanowicz is a ALM master’s degree candidate with a concentration in finance, and she is honored to serve as HESA’s treasurer and as a member of the Executive Board. Nicole also serves as a student mentor and enjoys helping students to get acclimated to the degree program and gain the most from their educational experience. Prior to her graduate studies, she earned a B.S. degree from Boston University and studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. Based in New York City, Nicole works as a research analyst and her former roles include assignments as a financial journalist on the Dow Jones spot news and U.S. equities enterprise reporting desks, where her stories on stocks and personal finance appeared in The Wall Street Journal and other publications. In her spare time, she enjoys networking, the arts, and skiing. Nicole is looking forward to keeping HESA’s fiscal goals on track and working with the Board to allocate funds for projects that benefit students academically, socially and professionally while forming partnerships with the wider Harvard community.


Director of Club Affairs – Tracie Gordon

ALB candidate at HES, currently serving as Director of Club Affairs and former Director of Events, Chair of Internal Operations, Harvard Graduate Council, HESA’s Board 2015-2016, 2016-2017. I resigned six months into my second term, leaving in place a well-organized, budgeted, roster of activities for the incoming director. Along with Tricia Byrnes, former HESA President, I successfully returned the annual Masquerade Ball to HES in 2015 and ended the year with an overwhelming success and positive cash flow. Working closely with Tricia Byrnes we, together pulled off and initiated Graduate Photo Shoots at Widener Library, The Johnstone Gate and John Harvard Statue. I’ve spent the last three years volunteering for HES Commencement and lent a hand to the HES Alumni for many of their signature events, including its Annual Banquet in May of 2016.

During my tenure with HES, I reached out to students and faculty to ensure opportunities for better bonding initiatives, between students and faculty. I created the first meet, greet and mingle open seating Dinner with the Professors at Loeb House in 2015 and 2016, and proposed and prepared the budget for the first Brunch with Professors at the Faculty Club. Many professors as well as former HES Dean Shinagel, informed me of the great success and comfort they felt attending this type of event. I’ve also started an initiative to have the gate that graces 51 Brattle Street, named The Shinagel Gate, in honor of the former and longest running Harvard Dean.

Having spent most of my life in hospitality and project management, I spent time working many venues between New York and South Beach. Project management became a passion after a stint with a number of high end developments in Nassau, Bahamas. An avid traveler, with a desire to finish my education brought me to Harvard. Possessing a lust for life, I hope to share my experiences and spread joy to each and every person I meet. I enjoy networking and hope this quality will allow me to achieve harmony thru perseverance and dogged determination to all I do.

I intend to fully invest myself as the Director of Club Affairs. I see a need for Clubs to be fully briefed and walk through certain challenges as they strive to organize and manipulate the various mazes here at Harvard Extension.

Director of Finance – Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams is currently an admitted degree candidate at Harvard University Extension School in pursuit of a Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in extension studies, in the field of Finance. Alexis’s finance background aligns with corporate treasury, cash management in the private sector, and revenue accounting in the government sector.

As the former Director of Marketing and Social Media with Harvard Extension Business Society (HEBS), Alexis promoted the visibility of Harvard Extension Business Society (HEBS) within the collegiate and business community through the development and implementation of social marketing strategies, and programs.

Alexis’ strategic implementation of marketing campaigns, and design of community and social media content creation, positioned Harvard Extension Business Society (HEBS) in attracting business leaders and educators whose insight enriched the experience of students within Harvard Extension School.

In Alexis’ free time, she enjoys reading, ballet, water activities, horseback riding, and engaging in civic and volunteer activities with global development organizations such as The Salvation Army, and American Heart Association.


Director of Events – Benjamin Ickies