Harvard Extension Student Clubs 

HES Clubs are clubs that are formally recognized by the HESA Board of Directors. They operate independently of HESA, but are sanctioned by and subject to oversight by the HESA Board of Directors. They shall appoint a representative to act as liaison to HESA as well as have at least one delegate in attendance of the General Assembly. There is a HES Clubs – In – Training program to seek approval through a pilot period. Official HES Clubs are eligible to receive funding from HESA’s Administration. In order to prevent conflict of interests, Voting Members of the HESA’s Executive Board are prohibited by the By-Laws from leadership positions within recognized clubs.

NOTE: New starting in the 2018-19 academic year, there are going to be changes to the requirements of being a sanctioned HES Club. This may cause some of the clubs listed here to lose their status as officially recognized clubs.

New Regulations
1. Each club must be connected to a specific degree program at Harvard Extension School.
2. The club’s President, Vice-President, and Director of Events must be degree candidates in that program.
3. The club must have an advisor who teaches in that program.

If you have any questions about HES Clubs or the process of forming a club, please contact the Director of Club Affairs.


Harvard Extension Student Environmental Club (HESEC)

HESEC unites Harvard Extension students that are passionate about environmental and sustainability issues. The goal of HESEC is to create opportunities for personal, academic, and professional development of its members through club socials, and various networking/volunteering opportunities.

Website: https://hesec.extension.harvard.edu/
Email: hesec@hesa.dce.harvard.edu



Harvard Extension Student Pre-Health Club (HESPC)

HESPC supports academic and professional development, student social life, wellness and work-life balance. We have special commitments to health equity, diversity, and global health. HESPC events include trips to the medical school, sessions that will help students prepare for the MCAT, socials, and opportunities to volunteer.

Website: https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/hespc
Email: hespc@hesa.dce.harvard.edu



Harvard Extension Student STEM Club (HESSTEMC)

HESSTEM is committed to ensuring there is a thriving STEM community at Harvard via mentoring, hosting various events, creating workshops and more. Their goal is to help students succeed academically and professionally, while promoting and helping diversify STEM education. Whether you’re an online or an on-campus student, alumni or just have a curious mind, HESSTEM welcomes those who share our mission and want to be part of this movement.

Website: https://hesstemc.extension.harvard.edu/
Email: hesstemc@hesa.dce.harvard.edu



Harvard Extension Student Journalism Club (HESJC)

HESJC seeks to create an open-minded, accepting, and active community by harnessing the power of diversity that educates its members in the lifestyles of others. In addition, they wish to provide an opportunity to connect students to other members of Harvard Extension School with whom they may not normally interact.

Website: https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/hesjc
Email: hesjc@hesa.dce.harvard.edu



HES Clubs – In – Training

HES Clubs – In – Training’ session is a lenghty (+) process in which HESA seeks to inform and advise club duties, integrate club executive leaders into HESA, and strengthen club roles in conjunction with the HESA mission of enhancing student life and activities at the Harvard Extension School. Upon completion of the ‘Club-in-Training’ process, all clubs are then formally recognized by HESA.


Harvard Extension Students Museum Studies Club (HESMSC)

HESMSC’s mission is to strive to find common bonds while promoting leadership through education. Their goal is to foster educational growth among students and the Harvard Extension School community at large by focusing on creating a platform to engage members in creative and innovative ways.

Harvard Extension Student Marketing Club (HESMC)

HESMC aims to provide a common forum for Harvard students to gain access to a community of experienced marketers, attend events and workshops to learn the latest advances in marketing; get a chance to network with industry leaders in marketing and prepare for a productive career in marketing after they graduate.