Misan is an ALB Candidate concentrating in the Social Sciences. Academically, he is interested in Anthropology and Economics. He believes in bringing people together to drive change and has proven that through his professionalism and entrepreneurship. His efforts in Fortune 500 companies has led to the improvement of their service center operations, crafting meaningful methods and procedures and implementation of a knowledge-base management system to impact technical expertise, which later became adopted on a larger scale nationwide. As an entrepreneur, he started a real estate investment company and transportation company and learned a lot during those processes, but decided to give up both companies to continue his passion for education. In his spare time, he volunteers for HESA. After serving first as Director of Student affairs and then Vice President, he is eager to lead HESA for the 2017 academic year. Always eager to improve things he designed and, with the collaboration of others, initiated the first leadership development training program for Extension School club leaders. He also has a documentary about the History of Harvard Extension in the Pre-Production stages and is currently Co-Chair of the Degree Name Change initiative. He is passionate about life at Harvard Extension and intends to continue improving it. He can be reached at:



Vice President

Jasmin Frankel is an ALM candidate earning her degree in International Relations. Her passion for International Relations began at a young age because of her upbringing in Queens, New York, one of the most highly-populated and richly-diverse boroughs in the NYC, where she currently lives. (Although she still lives in New York, don’t be surprised to find her on campus, as she really enjoys the Cambridge scene and, of course, attending class, so much so she may become a local.) Her first trip outside of the United States was halfway across the globe as an undergrad spending a semester studying abroad in Australia. Since then she has been fortunate to travel to Israel, United Kingdom, France, Italy, New Zealand, and Bangladesh enriching her global understanding by immersing herself in various cultures. This is one of the reasons she loves the extension school, because of its diversity and potential it brings to meet all of life from anywhere in the world. Jasmin is particularly interested in education and figuring out ways to remove barriers which prevent people from having the opportunity to learn. She just began working with Our Golden Hour, a non-profit which makes learning culturally relevant material possible for children in the Indigenous communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts, in Bangladesh. Jasmin earned her BA at SUNY Stony Brook in journalism and political science. She has worked for newspapers, a travel magazine, and also anchored a foreign news show. She has also interned at New York State Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. She enjoys learning, exploring, problem solving, traveling, and mostly interacting with anyone who wants to share a story. As vice president, her desire is to learn about her fellow students at the extension school and figure out ways to make the extension school grow as a vibrant community. She can be reached at:


Director of Student Affairs

Christopher Nagle is an ALM Candidate in the Sustainability and Environmental Management graduate program. He recently completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania (14) where he majored in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He intends to pursue future professional involvement in the biological sciences and academia, with an expressed focal interest in global biodiversity conservation initiatives requiring an interdisciplinary research and management skillset. Originally from Atlanta, Christopher presently resides locally in Cambridge where he both works at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and is simultaneously in the process of completing his master’s thesis, which pertains to performing a time-sensitive conservation assessment of shark fisheries in South Asia and ultimately the bolstering of a sustainable fisheries regime in that sector. Academic research in close association with higher learning institutions and their administration defines much of Christopher’s pertinent experience to-date. He has conducted undergraduate and post-baccalaureate research ventures in affiliation with partners such as the American Museum of Natural History, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology and Genetics, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution with topics ranging from organismal systems behavior, developmental embryology, human population genomics, and marine environmental toxicology, respectively. In his spare time, Christopher enjoys pursuits such as international travel, natural history photography, essay writing, playing the cello, skiing, and the company of good friends and colleagues. In closing, Christopher is supremely excited to represent the Harvard Extension School and its students on this year’s HESA board as Director of Student Affairs, where he looks forward to enacting positive change and engaging proactively with the broader Harvard community. He can be reached at:


Daniel Murray HESA 017

Director of Technology

Daniel has over 10 years experience with web development technologies and methodologies running his web development company in New Haven, Connecticut. He has a solid understanding graphical user interface design and development, and tailoring websites to targeted audiences. Daniel shares the belief that a website should be engaging, informative, intuitive in its navigation, and aesthetically appealing to the user. The HESA website is to serve as an engaging platform for all students at HES, and will incorporate features that provide a social forum for student to meet others in their cities/countries, and to stay apprised of developments at HES. Professionally, Daniel works as a Senior Analyst for a specialty chemical company, spanning 5 years of experience communicating with investors, sell and buy-side analysts and representing the company on industry conferences and non-deal roadshows nationally. He is a Yale alum and a degree candidate for the ALM in Finance to round out his education in the field as it relates to his current position. He looks forward to working towards developing a web portal for HESA that is both accessible and engaging to the wider student body. In his tenure as Director of Technology in charge of website development, he is open to suggestions on how to make the HESA website the best it can be for all students. He can be reached at:



Director Of Club Affairs

Yu-Chun (Roy) Chang is pursuing an ALM degree in the field of Biology. Currently involved in research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, his passions are in making sense of the pathways that govern human biological functions. Outside of research and coursework, Roy enjoys computer games, exploring U.S. History, and walking around the town. During his undergraduate experience at Penn State University, Roy had the opportunity to lead a number of organizations. As Vice-President of Communications at his fraternity and Treasurer for the local chapter of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children he has the experience necessary to help organizations grow. At Harvard, he has been involved with the PBHA and through it, various charities across Boston. He has seen firsthand how clubs help to strengthen relationships at a school. It is his hope to not only foster the growth of the Extension School’s organizations but to also facilitate the development of new ones that will meet the varied interests of the school’s unique population. By becoming the next Director of Club Affairs, Roy intends to help others become more involved with the Extension School just as he looks forward to doing so in this new role. He can be reached at:


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” — Albert Einstein could not have worded my sentiments towards joining HESA and my outlook towards our upcoming year better. For those of you who are interested in learning more about me, I attempt to write this autobiography with as much bite as I can muster, and ideally, with a pinch of amusement (on your behalf as much as mine). I joined the Harvard Extension School in 2014 with as much zeal as I imagine you, my genius HES cohorts, have. I believe in the power of great things happening as a result of great minds corning together. I aspire that, through my endeavors, I am able to inspire those around me and to create as much synergies as possible. Speaking of “synergies”, I am hoping you can pick up that I recently took a fantastic Corporate Strategy class, and that I am a Graduate Student in the ALM Finance Program. I do have a personal background in Accounting and Finance and my passion in this field did lead me to engage in pedagogical activities recently, where I aimed to empower young individuals to become business leaders. I hope that my diverse background coupled with my experiences will help me voice the interests of our global HES community. She can be reached at:



Scott Perlmutter is an ALM candidate in Finance with plans to graduate in May 2017. He received his B.S. in Management with Concentrations in Economics and Sport Management in 2008 and 2009 at the University of Kansas. In addition to his responsibilities as your Treasurer, Scott has worked in mergers & acquisitions and consulted for various multinational and Fortune 500 corporations throughout the United States and Europe. He currently resides in Chicago, IL where he works in corporate finance with kidney dialysis joint ventures. He can be reached at:



Director Of Outreach

Anthony Deorsey is an ALM candidate in Sustainability in his second year at the Extension School and now serving as Director of Outreach for the HESA. Anthony worked in China for 5 years before relocating back to the Boston area. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Anthony currently works as the North America General Manager for a China-based project management and consulting firm that supports American and European businesses in China. Creating opportunities for others has been the focal point of Anthony’s career. As director of outreach, Anthony will strive to effectively create opportunities for Harvard Extension School students by leveraging his business background and experiences as both a distance and on-campus student to understand the needs of HESA and the students that it represents. Anthony’s goal as Director of Outreach is to identify the best possible opportunities to streamline collaborations with other Harvard schools and the external business community for a better, more engaged, Harvard Extension School. Anthony can be reached at:


Director of Communications

Cheniece Kelleher serves as the Director of Communications and hopes to foster a strong community of Extension students, whether on-campus and distance learners, through effective communication of the unique opportunities available through Harvard Extension. Cheniece received a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Auburn University and is currently pursuing the Masters of Liberal Arts in Management at Harvard Extension School with a focus in Strategic Management. Cheniece has worked in the marketing industry for over four years specializing in brand relationships. After launching her career at Under Armour, supporting female professional athlete and event sponsorships and helping to launch UA’s award-winning I Will What I Want global women’s campaign, Cheniece has worked as a consultant in the hospitality industry, managing global sports partnerships for Marriott International and shaping the brand strategy for Hilton Worldwide hotels. Cheniece currently resides in Washington, D.C., and enjoys visiting Harvard as much as possible! She can be reached at:


Communications and Social Media Manager

Niki Lanter is an Economics concentrator with minors in Finance and Mathematics in the ALB program. She is delighted and grateful to serve on the board of the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) as Communications and Social Media Manager for the 2016-2017 academic year. She also serves on the Harvard Graduate Council(HGC) as Social Media and Communications Strategies Partner. Niki hopes to bridge the gap between the Harvard community and its distance members by keeping them informed and engaged through the student organizations’ online communities and social media platforms.

As a professional, Niki has many years of experience in business analysis and reporting, project management, systems training, web design and development. She currently works full-time as an e-discovery database administrator and corporate webmaster for a law firm in Houston, supporting attorneys who specialize in large loss subrogation cases for domestic and international insurers.

Niki volunteers with the American Red Cross in her spare time by helping educate the public about emergency preparedness, health and safety, and humanitarian work. She has successfully completed numerous training certifications, including a leadership conference public affairs workshop in which she learned how to best utilize mass communications channels during “blue sky” and “gray sky” situations.

Most recently, Niki served in the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division Leadership as a member of the Women Rainmakers Board. She was also an active member of the Juris Users International Group for many years, and served on the Board of Directors for part of her tenure. In both of these organizations, Niki was charged with administering membership communications and social media strategies.

Niki looks forward to making and facilitating meaningful and lasting connections with other Harvard students. She can be reached at


Director of Finance

Dexton Goh is an ALB Degree Candidate concentrating in the Social Sciences. His journey at Harvard Extension first began in the fall semester of 2013 as a distance student enrolled in only one course. Since then, Dexton has committed himself to maintaining a steady academic schedule while balancing the challenges of having a full time career.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Dexton’s professional background is as extensive as it is diverse. While working in the transportation industry as a third party logistics provider, he was responsible for managing the global supply chains of some of the world’s leading direct marketing firms. Since then, Dexton has ventured into the automotive business, founding his first independently owned dealership in 2014 and then a second company engaged with the import and wholesale of aftermarket auto parts.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Dexton continues to travel extensively for his work, school, and personal enrichment. He understands the challenges of learning at a distance and believes that there is oftentimes no substitute for a handshake and a smile. As your HESA Director of Finance, Dexton will advocate for creating more opportunities for distance students to connect with their fellow peers both on campus and at a distance. It is Dexton’s vision to create a more inclusive and unified student community for the benefit and enjoyment of all students at Harvard University. He can be reached at:


Director of Events

Hi everyone, my name is Karen Longo, and I am an ALB Candidate with a concentration in Social Sciences at Harvard Extension School.  I recently obtained my project management certification as a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) from the Project Management Institute.  Along with my love of project management, I am deeply passionate about helping young people that are facing challenges or obstacles in education to obtain the support they need to succeed in school and life.   My volunteer and community service experience includes serving as President of the St. Jerome School’s Home and School Association in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where we received the “Distinguished Home and School Association” award from the National Catholic Education Association (one of 12 in the nation) for our school’s social justice initiatives.  I was also a member of its School of Promise task force which oversaw the school’s participation in America’s Promise (now known as America’s Promise Alliance), the nation’s largest partnership of nonprofits, businesses, communities, educators and ordinary citizens dedicated to forming the conditions young people need to achieve adult success.  I initiated a Junior Achievement USA® program there and at two K-8 schools in Massachusetts, training and developing a group of volunteers to teach work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills to students in all grade levels.

Professionally, I am currently a Senior Paralegal and acting associate project manager at EMD Millipore Corporation (known as MilliporeSigma in the US and Canada), which is a division of Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, a leading science and technology company and the oldest pharmaceutical company in the world.  I enjoy collaborating with others across functions and geographies to implement new initiatives and am a self-motivated learner with a passion for staying on top of leading edge information and knowledge in my areas of interest which include psychology, sociology, law and technology.  I am also a proud native Bostonian and an avid New England Patriots fan!  

During my tenure as Acting Director of Events, I am eager to collaborate with my fellow board members and students to create exciting and welcoming events for all HES students where we can wind down, get to know each other better, and most importantly celebrate the hard work everyone is doing to accomplish their educational and professional goals. I am extremely excited to be a bigger part of the rich and diverse environment that is Harvard Extension School and look forward to meeting many of you at our upcoming events!  I can be reached at