HESA Constitution and By-Laws Ratified on March 29, 2017






Preface to the Proposed Permanent Constitution and ByLaws

This Constitution and By-Laws of the Harvard Extension Student Association is a sum of three constituent parts.

The Constitution sets forth the fundamental principles governing the operation of the Harvard Extension Student Association. The Constitution expands upon the mission in defining the purpose of the Association. It further addresses fundamental concerns of membership, elections, meetings and certain duties.

Together, the Constitution, By-Laws and Extension School Policy for Student Groups are meant to be founding documents with timeless tenets and provisions that follow the Harvard Policy for Independent Student Organizations. Alteration to either would require popular support as outlined herein.

The By-Laws, meanwhile, might be more easily amended. The By-Laws herein outline a more detailed approach to operating and conducting the business of the Harvard Extension Student Association.

As the Harvard Extension School and its student body change, the needs and actions of its representative body must have the versatility to conform.

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Respectfully submitted,

Misan Oteri
President 2016-2017



If you are interested in making comments on the document for our upcoming collaborative amendment process, click here.



*Note there was a push during the Spring of 2018 under President Jasmin Frankel to ratify a new Constitution and By-Laws, but failed to get the 2/3 majority required to amend the document. Above is the most recently ratified document and is what currently governs HESA.
Summary of Proposed Changes

**Prior to this documents ratification, the old Constitution and By-Laws that were ratified in the Fall of 2015 under President Tricia Byrnes were the governing documents of HESA.