Join the HESA Administration

HESA’s elected Board of Directors are looking to appoint positions within the HESA Administration as directed by the organization’s By-Laws.

Open Positions:
AT THIS TIME HESA IS NOT LOOKING TO FILL ANY POSITIONS. Note, nominations/voting for elections of Board positions for 2019-2020 are underway. Additionally, if you want to get involved work under a current Director, please apply below.

Descriptions of the responsibilities of each position can be found in the Constitution and By-Laws document. Note, we are looking for Harvard Extension School admitted degree candidates to fill these roles.

If you are interested, please submit a statement of interest and skills (resumes optional) to HESA’s Vice President. Also, be sure to include a video of yourself explaining how you would be able to perform at your role in a way that would help the HESA Board achieve their vision this academic year.

Stay Involved in Your Student Community!

Are you looking for more ways to get involved with the HES community? Well, you are in the right place. Get involved and become active with your Harvard Extension Student Association! Get the most out of your Harvard Extension experience.

HESA is made up of diverse group of Harvard Extension students living around the world. Are you interested in a leadership position or just want to be more involved this year? Get connected to your student community and make a difference. Use the form below to introduce yourself and describe your background. Let us know how you want to make an impact this year. Do you have experience in a particular area? Tell us about it. We want to meet you. If you are interested in a position within HESA, please use the form below to apply and upload your resume. Interviews will be scheduled over the next few weeks through in-person, telephone or online video stream meetings. HESA is looking for students to fill a wide array of needs.

Tell us about your background and how you would like to be involved:

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Each Director manages their own respective teams below. More information will be provided if a specific roles or expertise is needed. However, teams are always in the search of talented students looking to get involved so always feel free to send in an application.

HESA Department Short Descriptions

Student Outreach & Marketing
We are responsible for executing major marketing initiatives in an effort to inform the Extension and larger Harvard community about various events and programs available to students.

Student Affairs
We are responsible for addressing the day-to-day concerns of Extension Students, including questions about the various resources that are available across Harvard University, and handling any general Extension student matters.

Focused specifically on supporting clubs, special interest groups and student group leaders within the HES community. Supports HES students interested in forming new groups

We are responsible for planning and organizing all HESA events and initiatives, including social gatherings, educational roundtables and panels, major conferences, and formal galas.

Finance & Treasury
We are responsible for the overall fiscal management of HESA, including budget, fundraising, donations, corporate sponsorships, and advertising revenue.

HESA Communications is responsible for providing editorial oversight for all major HESA initiatives. Communications also serves as the primary media liaison and works closely with the Harvard University Alumni Association and the Harvard Extension Alumni Association on behalf of HESA.

We are responsible for managing the HESA website and associated hardware and software, including facilitating new and innovative means of communication with the distance student community at Harvard Extension.