Ashley Pollock, President

Ashley Renee Pollock is a Master of Liberal Arts Candidate in Women Studies at Harvard University Extension School. She earned her first ALM, focusing on History, from Harvard in 2005 and plans to pursue a Ph.D. with a research focus on women’s history, allowing her to combine her previous studies. Ashley is currently a Teaching Fellow for the course “Women, Popular Culture, and the 1950s” and serves on the WGS Tutorial Board, both at Harvard College. She also works full-time as a Faculty Assistant supporting three Professors at Harvard Law School. Ashley represents the Extension School as a member of the Executive Board of the Harvard Graduate Council serving a second term as the Vice President of Communications. Ashley has been a TA for over fifteen history-related courses at Harvard and in the summer of 2007, she served as an Assistant Dean for Harvard Summer School. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys hiking, photography, and traveling, and especially any opportunity to combine the three.

Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja, Vice President

Ram Dhan Yadav Kotamaraja is Master of Liberal Arts in Management Candidate at Harvard University. Ram has a deep interest in High-Technology and Entrepreneurship. Ram is a partner of Novedea Systems Inc, an Information Technology Services company; and a founding partner of Campus Venture Solutions, a Harvard start-up that provides software product development services for start-ups. Ram plans to pursue Entrepreneurship and active Politics upon graduation. He is fluent in English, Telugu and Hindi. In his spare time Ram is an amateur skater and enjoys rowing on Charles River.

Simon Normand, Secretary

Simon Normand is a candidate for the Master of Liberal Arts in Information Technology (Mathematics and Computation) and is an Electrical Engineer at Diversified Technologies, Inc. His professional work focuses on high-power pulsed systems for particle accelerators and radar, and involves both software and hardware design efforts. Simon’s prior experiences include software development for the private sector and an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to being in good command of German, Simon is fluent in both French and English. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University, Canada.

Amy Szczygiel, Treasurer

Amy Szczygiel is a Master of Liberal Arts in Management candidate with a focus on Organizational Behavior and Human Resources. She is returning for her second year as the Treasurer for HESA. Amy currently works for Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation as the Corporate Accounting Manager. In her spare time, Amy teaches water aerobics, participates in boot camps, tries to learn Italian and Polish and travels.

Arven Saunders

Arven Saunders is a Master of Liberal Arts Candidate in Biology and is an Extension School Representative of the Harvard Graduate Council. He attended Brandeis University as an undergraduate, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2006. As well as having enthusiasm for biological research, Arven has a strong passion for music and is an eclectic musical artist. Arven is currently working on his master’s thesis and is planning to pursue a PhD in molecular oncology.

Quincy Collins

Quincy Collins is a native of Dallas TX, and a candidate for the Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Management program with a concentration in finance. Quincy honorably served over five years as a Surface Officer in the US Navy sailing throughout the Pacific Rim and Arabian Gulf Regions of the world. Quincy is currently employed in the investment banking and financial services industry as an advisor. Quincy is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Officers Candidate School and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Lamar University College of Engineering. Quincy has completed Executive Education Training at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Behavioral Finance and Nonprofit Financial Stewardship. He is a member of the Naval War College Foundation and a member of the Veterans of Foriegn Wars (VFW) legion.