Nominations are open.

HESA election season is in full swing! Nominate yourself or another student to serve as a Director or ALB/ALM Program Liaison this year. Nominations will be open until September 27. Voting will be on October 7 at the next HESA Live! GA Meeting. Use the form below.


Position Descriptions

Director of Student Outreach & Marketing
Responsible for executing major marketing initiatives in an effort to inform the Extension and larger Harvard community about various events, programs, initiatives and projects available for students. Student Outreach and Marketing also helps increase HESA visibility and awareness to the HES student body.

Director of Student Affairs
Responsible for working closely with HES students regarding both day-to-day concerns and larger concerns and provide opportunities and resources as well. This includes questions about the various resources that are available across Harvard University, and handling general Extension student matters.

Director of Events and Planning
Responsible for planning and organizing all HESA events, including social gatherings, educational round tables and panels, major conferences, and formal galas.

Director of Finance
Responsible for creating innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to generate revenue for HESA through traditional mediums such as fundraising, donations, corporate sponsorships, and advertising revenue, and less traditional mediums, which include offering creative services the student body would be willing to pay for.

Director of Communications
HESA Communications is responsible for providing editorial oversight for all HESA content send to the external community Communications also serves as the primary media and public relations liaison. Specifically, the Director’s work may include but is not limited to writing: speeches, reports, press releases, letters and email correspondence. The Director shall serve as the liaison to any and all Press and Student Media such as the Crimson, the Gazette, and WHRB Radio. This position also oversees social media posts and updates.

Director of Technology and Media
Responsible for managing the HESA website and associated hardware and software, including facilitating new and innovative means of communication with the distance student community at Harvard Extension.The Director works to ensure the accuracy of information posted and to provide a representative presence of HESA on the World Wide Web

ALB/ALM Program Liaisons (One from each program)
Program Liaisons shall act as official representatives for the members of the Student Association and carry out all duties with the interests of their degree program constituents in mind. Program Liaison candidates may only seek to represent the degree program in which they are currently enrolled.

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