The elections for HESA Board of Directors for 2019-2020 have closed and the results are in. There are 2 returning members to the Board (Carmen Gardner and Michael Rosero). Listed below are the winners for each position and you can read up on their plans for the upcoming year by following the links on their names.  Their term officially begins on June 1, 2019.

Note that Directors of Communications, Technology, and Club Affairs have not yet been filled. There was a tie, so there will be an extension of the election until May 6th, 2019. Please check your Harvard email about casting your special run-off ballot.


Election Winners:

President: Carmen Gardner (ALM Management/Finance candidate)

Vice-President: Lauren Voler (ALM Management/Finance candidate)

Director of Events: Callen Crenshaw (ALM International Relations candidate)

Director of Finance: Tabitha Maxwell (ALB candidate)

Director of Outreach: Yenny Yang (ALM International Relations candidate)

Director of Student Affairs: Jonatan Ortiz Morales (ALB Candidate)

Treasurer: Michael Rosero (ALM Liberal Arts Candidate)

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