Today marks the beginning of the 2018 Fall semester at Harvard. Hopefully you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Now it’s time get back into the school mindset.

September 10th is the last day to make credit status changes and receive full tuition refunds for dropping a class.
September 17th is the deadline to drop a course for a half-tuition refund.
November 1st-December 1st are the dates to submit you degree application if you are finishing your final admission courses this semester.
November 23rd is the Withdrawal deadline.


HESA Events for September! HESA’s Director of Events has been hard at work preparing events for the student body. Also, HESA will have its first General Assembly under the new administration this month.

September 28th – General Assembly
September 28th – Convocation Happy Hour
September 29th – Convocation Resource Fair

Check the events calendar for more information.

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