Director Of Club Affairs

Yu-Chun (Roy) Chang is pursuing an ALM degree in the field of Biology. Currently involved in research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, his passions are in making sense of the pathways that govern human biological functions. Outside of research and coursework, Roy enjoys computer games, exploring U.S. History, and walking around the town. During his undergraduate experience at Penn State University, Roy had the opportunity to lead a number of organizations. As Vice-President of Communications at his fraternity and Treasurer for the local chapter of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children he has the experience necessary to help organizations grow. At Harvard, he has been involved with the PBHA and through it, various charities across Boston. He has seen firsthand how clubs help to strengthen relationships at a school. It is his hope to not only foster the growth of the Extension School’s organizations but to also facilitate the development of new ones that will meet the varied interests of the school’s unique population. By becoming the next Director of Club Affairs, Roy intends to help others become more involved with the Extension School just as he looks forward to doing so in this new role. He can be reached at: