Communications and Social Media Manager

Niki Lanter is an Economics concentrator with minors in Finance and Mathematics in the ALB program. She is delighted and grateful to serve on the board of the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) as Communications and Social Media Manager for the 2016-2017 academic year. She also serves on the Harvard Graduate Council (HGC) as Social Media and Communications Strategies Partner. Niki hopes to bridge the gap between the Harvard community and its distance members by keeping them informed and engaged through the student organizations’ online communities and social media platforms.

As a professional, Niki has many years of experience in business analysis and reporting, project management, systems training, web design and development. She currently works full-time as an e-discovery database administrator and corporate webmaster for a law firm in Houston, supporting attorneys who specialize in large loss subrogation cases for domestic and international insurers.

Niki volunteers with the American Red Cross in her spare time by helping educate the public about emergency preparedness, health and safety, and humanitarian work. She has successfully completed numerous training certifications, including a leadership conference public affairs workshop in which she learned how to best utilize mass communications channels during “blue sky” and “gray sky” situations.

Most recently, Niki served in the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Division Leadership as a member of the Women Rainmakers Board. She was also an active member of the Juris Users International Group for many years, and served on the Board of Directors for part of her tenure. In both of these organizations, Niki was charged with administering membership communications and social media strategies.

Niki looks forward to making and facilitating meaningful and lasting connections with other Harvard students. She can be reached at