Misan is an ALB Candidate concentrating in the Social Sciences. Academically, he is interested in Anthropology and Economics. He believes in bringing people together to drive change and has proven that through his professionalism and entrepreneurship. His efforts in Fortune 500 companies has led to the improvement of their service center operations, crafting meaningful methods and procedures and implementation of a knowledge-base management system to impact technical expertise, which later became adopted on a larger scale nationwide. As an entrepreneur, he started a real estate investment company and transportation company and learned a lot during those processes, but decided to give up both companies to continue his passion for education. In his spare time, he volunteers for HESA. After serving first as Director of Student affairs and then Vice President, he is eager to lead HESA for the 2017 academic year. Always eager to improve things he designed and, with the collaboration of others, initiated the first leadership development training program for Extension School club leaders. He also has a documentary about the History of Harvard Extension in the Pre-Production stages and is currently Co-Chair of the Degree Name Change initiative. He is passionate about life at Harvard Extension and intends to continue improving it. He can be reached at: