“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” — Albert Einstein could not have worded my sentiments towards joining HESA and my outlook towards our upcoming year better. For those of you who are interested in learning more about me, I attempt to write this autobiography with as much bite as I can muster, and ideally, with a pinch of amusement (on your behalf as much as mine). I joined the Harvard Extension School in 2014 with as much zeal as I imagine you, my genius HES cohorts, have. I believe in the power of great things happening as a result of great minds corning together. I aspire that, through my endeavors, I am able to inspire those around me and to create as much synergies as possible. Speaking of “synergies”, I am hoping you can pick up that I recently took a fantastic Corporate Strategy class, and that I am a Graduate Student in the ALM Finance Program. I do have a personal background in Accounting and Finance and my passion in this field did lead me to engage in pedagogical activities recently, where I aimed to empower young individuals to become business leaders. I hope that my diverse background coupled with my experiences will help me voice the interests of our global HES community. She can be reached at: