Director of Finance

Dexton Goh is an ALB Degree Candidate concentrating in the Social Sciences. His journey at Harvard Extension first began in the fall semester of 2013 as a distance student enrolled in only one course. Since then, Dexton has committed himself to maintaining a steady academic schedule while balancing the challenges of having a full time career.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Dexton’s professional background is as extensive as it is diverse. While working in the transportation industry as a third party logistics provider, he was responsible for managing the global supply chains of some of the world’s leading direct marketing firms. Since then, Dexton has ventured into the automotive business, founding his first independently owned dealership in 2014 and then a second company engaged with the import and wholesale of aftermarket auto parts.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Dexton continues to travel extensively for his work, school, and personal enrichment. He understands the challenges of learning at a distance and believes that there is oftentimes no substitute for a handshake and a smile. As your HESA Director of Finance, Dexton will advocate for creating more opportunities for distance students to connect with their fellow peers both on campus and at a distance. It is Dexton’s vision to create a more inclusive and unified student community for the benefit and enjoyment of all students at Harvard University. He can be reached at: