Daniel Murray HESA 017 Director of Website Development

Daniel has over 10 years experience with web development technologies and methodologies running his web development company in New Haven, Connecticut. He has a solid understanding graphical user interface design and development, and tailoring websites to targeted audiences. Daniel shares the belief that a website should be engaging, informative, intuitive in its navigation, and aesthetically appealing to the user. The HESA website is to serve as an engaging platform for all students at HES, and will incorporate features that provide a social forum for student to meet others in their cities/countries, and to stay apprised of developments at HES. Professionally, Daniel works as a Senior Analyst for a specialty chemical company, spanning 5 years of experience communicating with investors, sell and buy-side analysts and representing the company on industry conferences and non-deal roadshows nationally. He is a Yale alum and a degree candidate for the ALM in Finance to round out his education in the field as it relates to his current position. He looks forward to working towards developing a web portal for HESA that is both accessible and engaging to the wider student body. In his tenure as Director of Website development, he is open to suggestions on how to make the HESA website the best it can be for all students. He can be reached at: daniel.murray@hesa.dce.harvard.edu