Harvard Extension Business Society (HEBS)

The HEBS mission is to promote processional and academic development of Harvard Extension Students in areas of business, leadership, management, and finance. This mission is fulfilled by providing our members With access to various industry related seminars, presentations, round-table discussions, conferences, and networking events.

HEBS Website: http://www.harvardebs.org/

President: Aaron Roe (ajr046@g.harvard.edu)

Harvard Extension Christian Fellowship (HECF)

Harvard Extension Christian Fellowship (HECF) is dedicated to further the original mission of Harvard by seeking truth through the Scripture that will enable individuals to discover God and historicity of the Bible, thereby enhancing spiritual understanding and growth. The goal is to promote dialogue, amongst students and scholars, through a unique blend of educational and social events.

President: Christy Lee (cllee@g.harvard.edu)

Harvard Extension English Society (HEES)

The Harvard Extension English Society (HEES) seeks to inspire and cultivate an enhanced appreciation for the English language through entertaining and engaging learning environments centered on literature and linguistics, which in turn fosters personal growth and communication skills for every student involved.

HEES Website: http://www.harvardees.org

President: Huachen "Jason" Sun (hsun@fas.harvard.edu)

Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Association (HEEREA)

By combining resources from academia and industry, the Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship at Real Estate Association, HEEREA, Will provide members elite opportunities to interact, as well as exchange and obtain meaningful information that creates significant long-term value to future entrepreneurs, real estate processionals, students, administration, and faculty members.

HEEREA Facebook: Harvard Extension Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Association

President: Aksinia Stavskaya (heerea@hesa.dce.harvard.edu)

Harvard Extension Environmental Club (HEEC)

The Environmental Club, better known as HEEC, is a club made up of students and alumni of Harvard Extension and concerned citizens interested in environmental issues. HEEC is an all-inclusive organisation that welcomes anyone who is interested. HEEC'S mission is to provide a network and connection to the Harvard university community at large by organising social and environmental activities. The club activities include guest lectures, career network socials, field trips, site visits, and participation in various civic engagements, such as Earth Day and local clean-up efforts.

HEEC Website: http://www.harvardec.org

President: John Walters and Thomas Kunkel (john.f.walters@gmail.com thomaskunkel@g.harvard.edu)

Harvard Extension Pre-Health Society (HEPS)

HEPS is powered by HES students taking pre-health courses a in service to fellow students, and to community. HEPS supports academic and processional development, student social life, wellness and work-life balance, and volunteer service. We have special commitments to health equity, diversity, and global health. HEPS events include HXJournal Club, med school trips, test prep sessions, socials, and volunteer shifts together in the greater community.

HEPS Website: http://heps.club

President: Ling Chin (HarvardEPS@gmail.com)

Harvard Extension Wellness Club (HEWC)

The Harvard Extension Wellness Club (HEWC) is interested health, fitness, meditation, happiness, dealing With stress, dealing With writers block, nutrition, and other student issues. This club promotes optimal well-being and is oriented toward maximizing an individual's potential. Basically, we help students become happier, healthier, and wealthier.

HEWC Facebook: Harvard Extension Wellness Club

President: Farina (Anika) Choudhury (Farhana.a.choudhury@gmail.com)

Harvard Extension Veterans Organization (HEVO)

The Harvard Extension Veterans Organization is dedicated to fostering, supporting, and providing unique opportunities the Extension School's veteran community, both current students and alumni. HEVO welcomes all active-duty military, veterans, friends, family, and other interested parties, both national and international. Opportunities include mentoring ROTC students, fitness groups, tailgate events, seminars, and collaboration with the veteran communities Harvard-wide.

HEVO Facebook: www.facebook.com/hesvo

President: Amanda Graves (HESVeteran@gmail.com)